First impressions
The neophyte to this entire genre will understandably assume that it is populated with rude, slack-jawed psychopaths wielding axes and referring to women as Beetches. We must appear to have no respect for women - raping and murdering as our hormones dictate just beyond the reach of law enforcement. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Our Community
Our community is, on the whole, a very tight knit fun group whose baser desires are satiated by drawings, photographs, videos, stories and chats. Should any members of our community show antisocial or rude overtones (especially to women) they are inevitably ostracized or banned from interaction. The women in our group are a prized commodity that we not only respect but treasure - NO ONE would socially survive abusing them. Luckily antisocial behavior is the rare exception - members of our group can be characterized as a fun group of pleasant people with a most unusual fetish.

Do you hate women?
Absolutely not! Our fetish is based on some primal, basic desires that we neither ask for nor can deny. Our everyday, social behavior is very normal - I have yet to meet a man in this group who didn't deeply love and respect women. Speaking for myself I have a very good relationship with my mother and my wife. My father was a drunken wife abuser and my religious, drunken, pornography hating stepfather was a rageaholic control freak. Both would openly condemn my fetish (if they knew about it) while they continued to terrorize their families. The real womanhaters are usually seated in a church or bar destroying the lives of the ones who love them while we necropeople are usually playing life affirming, fantasy games with the people we love.

I want this stuff banned!
What you need to ask yourself is... would this be in your best interest? Think about this for a moment - you have over a thousand people fantasizing about corpses or killing suddenly without their normal outlet. One man wrote that he had necro/snuff fantasies and was resigned to becoming a serial killer until he found us and realized that it was simply another fantasy. What if we had never existed? How many lives would've been sacrificed on the altar of propriety? What people fail to realize is that necrobabes is a line of defence against the potential serial killer - providing him with an outlet and others like him to talk to. Serial Killers are usually loners who have no friends - we become the friends dissipating a potentially dangerous situation into something fun. Keeping necrobabes in business is in the public's BEST interest.

Are you a satanist?
Quite the opposite - I have quite an extensive Christian background with 2 years of Bible college, having read the Bible 3 times and been to church more often than any 3 other people combined. I've written several essays on the Bible illuminating areas that most people have either missed or simply don't understand. I am no longer a Christian but neither am I an atheist or belong to any artificial antireligion like satanism or wicca.

Why do you fantasize about killing women?
I have no idea. Honestly, I don't know - I remember having these fantasies since I was 8. Wouldn't it be great if we could choose our fantasies - I certainly would've chosen something mainstream. I have a theory: Something trips the libido complex of everyone at a young age to start the lust factor that ends with reproduction. This could be garters, bondage, redhair, torture, leather or in my case somthing kind of twisted. It's difficult to impossible to change the libido reflex once it's established so you just have to learn to live with it. Necro/snuff is a subset of the master/servant - dom/sub fantasy which includes bondage, S&M, sexslavery, whips, humiliation, rape, torture etc. Some women's groups have incorrectly ascertained that men subconsciously hate women and wish only to degrade them. The correct though not POLITICALLY correct conclusion is that men and women enjoy various levels of gender affirming primal fantasies. Whether the woman is being raped, tortured, killed, spanked, tied-up or forced to prance like a pony she is the object of the attention and the man is the instigator. The action is harsh, sexual and dominating mirroring our barbaric ancestry and producing a gender sense that is primal and overpowering. As long as the activity is safe and performed (as well as enjoyed) by consenting adults then it should be tolerated and even encouraged. I think it's a disservice to our society to have PC groups force rapists to mimic "it.. was.. not.. sex.. it.. was.. violence" since the rape was OBVIOUSLY an act of nonconsensual sexual domination that needed to be dealt with decisively. A PC world denying that sexual domination fantasies exist not only in evil white males but also in women only produces confusion in the women who don't understand why they enjoy them. I have actually seen a feminist state that 'NO women have rape fantasies' which is undeniably false. Remember Political correctness is just another form of idea suppression - stop it where you can!

Won't you want more and more violent?
The gateway theory is only valid for a small percentage of people - those with addictive-compulsive personalities and I have yet to meet one in this community. The theory is that if you start in on a specific activity you'll end up obssessing, desiring more intense and more intense until you are nothing more than a caricature of a human following a bizarre extreme of whatever the activity was. Truth is this is a rare case - most people either settle in at a specific level or play around with it a bit getting bored, quitting and coming back. Gateway theorists used to say that if you started reading porn like Playboy or Penthouse you would inevitably end up with Hustler, then Screw, then others until you are finally reading about shaved phillipino amputees who masturbate donkeys. This is obviously rare - most people will read Playboy or Penthouse frequently or infrequently, get bored, quit, pick up the lingerie issue, shrug, read car magazines etc. In my case I found what kind of porn I liked and didn't like, I found what kind of snuff I liked and actually it's gotten less graphic and violent over the years.

This offends me!
Actually many sexual activities that are considered mainstream offend me but I tolerate them as long as they're not thrown in my face. This is a closet fetish which, in my opinion, is where it belongs. I'm not ashamed of it but you won't find me marching in a 'snuff' parade or wearing 'snuff pride' T-shirts like practitioners of other sexual deviancies. If it offends you then just steer clear of these sites.

Okay, how do I get involved with the necro/snuff community?
Check out the links on my webpage - they'll get you more links and more links. Get on an IRC chat line - just download mirc and join Dalnet with a WHOLE LOT OF CHOICES: #necrobabe, #necrolovers, #dolcett, #strangled, #gallows, #snuff, #snuffsex, #necrophilia etc - #necrobabe and #dolcett are usually the most populated. Try out the message boards on my messageboard page - they're a LOT of fun and no SPAM in sight! You'll eventually make friends and have a great time sharing fantasies no one else understands.

Well, if you read this you have an open mind and I welcome you to continue looking. Have fun and remember these are only fantasies... No one is getting hurt!

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