Julian's Gladiatrix Arena: GALLERIES
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waiting their turn

Fights (7 pics)

Women locked together in combat - which one will win?
the death pits

Deathpit (13 pics)

An underground arena, the most brutal place of all.
a brunette brandishes the severed head of a blonde

Victor & Vanquished (20 pics)

Gladiatrixes triumphant over their beaten enemies.
four gladiatrixes lie dead on the sand

Vanquished (13 pics)

Slain gladiatrixes, dead and dying, splattered in blood.
aliens surround uharr and the captain

Star Trisk (20 pics)

'The Gamesters of Triskelion' meets Julian's warped mind.
Jana crawls towards her weapon

Jana's Death (7 pics)

A veteran gladiatrix meets her match, and loses her life.
dragged by a hook

Life of a Gladiatrix (7 pics)

How to be a champion gladiatrix in 7 easy steps.
diana and her opponent salute the mob

Diana (7 pics)

Concept art of Diana, a fictional gladiatrix I'm working on...
two tag-team gladiatrixes are chained at the ankle

Character Designs (18 pics)

Here are designs and ideas for new characters.
fiona is impaled by a nubian

Fiona (10 pics)

Images and concept art of Fiona, a barbarian gladiatrix.
a screaming gladiatrix

Animation (5 scenes)

Some simple flash animation tests.
a nubian faces a masked gladiatrix

Old stuff (11 pics)

This is work that I did before my new style "clicked".

Welcome to the galleries. Each of the thumbnails above leads you to a separate gallery. Here is a description:

* The Fight gallery contains images of gladiators in active combat. The outcome of the fight is not yet known.

* The Deathpit gallery is set in a small underground arena, where the fighters rarely last long.

* The Victors and Vanquished gallery shows images of winners triumphing over losers. Some are dead, some are being killed.

* The Vanquished gallery shows women who are already slain.

* The Star Trisk gallery is a spoof of the old Star Trek episode "The Gamesters of Triskelion" - best episode ever.

* Jana's gallery tells the story of a veteran gladiatrix who finally meets her match.

* Life of a gladiatrix tells the story of a typical gladiatrix in 7 images.

* Diana's gallery is dedicated to a character that I'm developing for future use.

* Concept art consists of ideas and designs for new characters.

* Fiona's gallery is dedicated to a character that I'm developing - one that I've been toying with for years.

* Animation gallery showcases some experimental flash animations that I've thrown together - tests.

* Old Stuff - this is material that I did before I developed my current style. It's best to keep it separate.