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Statement: This site is not a glorification of violence against women - it is fictional roleplay. I do not endorse the staging of real-life gladiatorial tournaments in which gorgeous scantily clad women fight to the death. If I find out that any of you guys are kidnapping models, flying them by helicopter to a private island, forcing them to fight to the death in cages for the entertainment of a select band of perverted millionaires, I'll have no choice but to alert the authorities. Let's keep it between the ears, people.

Now that I have made my position on this controversial subject clear - enjoy the art!
Galleries / FIGHTS.
FIGHTS are always exciting. A single image from a gladiator combat leaves so many unanswered questions - which fighter will lose? How will she be killed? Will she die bravely, or scream in agony?

Your guess is as good as mine...

Damned if I know.
a wasp gladiatrix wins first blood against a barbarian brunette
two topless gladiators Gladiatrix Comic: Page 1 - introduction

A "test page" from a gladiatrix comic...
two topless gladiators Redhead fights Nubian.

An even match - who will triumph?
two topless gladiators Two topless gladiators.

The redhead dodges the brunette's attack...
a wasp stings a barbarian gladiator The Wasp and the Barbarian.

A quick sting from the wasp - is the fatal thrust to follow?
two women wait their turn in the arena Waiting their turn.

The redhead shows the first sign of weakness, turning away as the gladiatrix is killed.
a nubian prepares to pull the net from under her opponent Nubian and Thracian.

The Thracian gladiatrix is about to be undone by the net under her feet. Maybe the helmet was a bad idea...
a nubian secutor stuns her blonde adversary Wrath of the nubian.

A blonde feels the full force of a nubian's sword. She will soon be on her back in the sand, awaiting the inevitable!
a redhead knocks out her helmeted enemy Redhead and Helmet.

A gladiatrix stuns her helmeted adversary. This is done in a very broad cartoony style, a bit like "Asterix".