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PLAY SAFE, NEVER play alone ! ! !

Auto-erotic asphyx is a deadly game.

The only way to win, is not to play.


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( A quick explanation of what you have found here. )

Yep, this is the place.

   I am the guy who started it all (the ASPHYX/GASPER) movement
back in April of 1992 with the creation of the (ASA) newsgroup.
I posted the first Gasper/Asphyx type photos there, to the horror of the civilized world.

   The message was that asphyx/gasping can be a dangerous game to play
if you are a novice or a want-a-be. If you can't play safe then don't play.

PEOPLE HAVE DIED playing at choking or hanging.

We don't want you to be one of them.

   After years of struggles with the moral majority, battles with government
legislation, and death threats from anyone with a personal objection,
it would appear that Asphyx is now an acceptable alternate lifestyle
and Gasper has become a household world.



For you newcomers, whenever you see someone use the term
"ASA" or "A.S.A."
What they are referring to is my USENET newsgroup
and this is the
web site that I created from that group.

This is where it all began.!

I am the moderator of both of these old groups.

Usenet newsgroups ARE NOT similar or related to Google or Yahoo or MSN groups.
You need an actual Newgroup reading program.
In Internet Explorer click on TOOLS- Mail and News.
or download a news reader.
For images and binaries try NEWSBIN PRO.


You can also access both Giganews sites from my IMAGINATION site.
(I have edited these images for site links only)

  ( Today there are ASA type web pages and egroups and newsgroups springing up
all over the place. Many of them are NOT Asphyx groups.

A.S.A. refers to Gasping. As in breath control during sex.
That would be choking, hanging, or smothering. Etc.
Guns and knives have nothing to do with Asphyx )


   I can't take the credit for doing this single handedly. There were many girls
and guys who helped with the updates and support for A.S.A and A.B.P.E.F.N.
and R.H.O.G. We couldn't have done it without them.

   Vicky and Peter of NECROBABES rescued RHOG.
We had to leave our original host because they could not handle all the traffic.
Without the support of Necrobabes, RHOG would not be
the place that it is now or has been for all of these years.

   R.H.O.G. started out with just a few of the photos and comments that Misty
and I originated in the A.S.A. newsgroup. After a short time folks started coming out
of the closet and sending in their own personal asphyx photos.
(see the list of CREDITS for a small sample of who got started here).
The house grew larger than anyone could ever have dreamed.

   Today RHOG has been stream lined to present only the best and most popular of
what has been donated to our sites since the VBBS of 1982 and the Website of 1992.

 The message "Gasping is for lovers, Never Play alone" has echoed throughout the land and there is no longer a need for crusades and banner waving. The ASA newsgroup is still there but has been outshined by the wave of new Asphyx lovers with Web sites.

RHOG still stands as the benchmark for all other Asphyx sites.
We're glad to have been the start of it.

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