+... spirit leaving the body ...+
a photostory about a ghost

Spirit Leaving the Body  is a photo-story that I created in first year photography, inspired by the works of Duane Michaels.  I had a prop coffin that my mother had given me (a prop for her Halloween parties) and I was excited to use it in a photo shoot.  I was alos excited about learning how to do double exposures and manipulation of imagery within the camera.

At the end of second year I was encouraged by my instructor, to enter a student photo competion in Photo Life magazine, a Canadian publication.  I submitted  Spirit Leaving the Body as well as some other work.  I was both surprised and elated when I found out later that summer that my photo-story had made it to publication.  Below is a very crappy scan of the slide, which does not do the original artwork justice at all.


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