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Winamp Skin #1 - impalement
Winamp Skin #2 - snow woman
Winamp Skin #3 - hanging theme
put into directory C:\Program Files\Winamp\Skins

Thanks to some very kind people out there I have gotten copies of the animations I had previously lost. Thanks!!!

Eat Me - Woman gets hot about being eaten

Guillotine Sex - Sex on a guillotine

Chop - Beheading animation

Last View - Closeup look at a guillotine, animated Gif

Electrocute - Woman enjoying the chair. Used a sound file I had gotten previously

Bang-Hang - Inspired by the Dolcett drawing of that name

Hanging - My first attempt at animation. Was done in Poser 2

Spiked - A Metastream object. Need the Metastream plugin. If it works for you then great! If not then sorry, don't know how to fix it.