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Drop Dead Gorgeous models produce video fantasies specializing in Death Fetish. It's only a fantasy not the real thing. Scenes include (fantasy) erotic death, woman playing dead, deadly daydreams, erotic horror, sexy horror flicks, asphyxiation, death images, hanging, shooting, necrophilia, murder, crime scenes, dead woman, dead models, woman playing dead, true crime, and other assorted death fantasies. Other times we create fantasies were the model is chloroformed , knocked out, or unconscious in our sleepy fantasies.

Our models love to play dead!

But, this isn't for everyone so, only enter if you are not offended by these type images.
Only enter if you can tell the difference. It's only a fantasy.

Our models are shot, hung, stabed, electricuted, executed, face firing squads, die as spies, are strangled, poisoned, left for dead and found lying dead in various places. They always LIVE to do it again. It's only a fantasy. This is not REAL violence, only the type you fantasies about.

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